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diagnosis & action plan

The initial diagnosis, where we determine the current status of the e-commerce site, is the first step towards developing a successful optimization strategy. We analyze every area of the online business in order to determine pain points and improvement opportunities in order to develop the necessary action plan; from sales strategies to design, all the way to user experience, marketing and communications, we look at:

Sales Strategies

Marketing & Communication

Brand Image & Strategy

Logistics & Operations​


optimization & management

Online sales strategies are unique and very different to those of offline sales channels. Once the e-commerce site is online and running, many brands find themselves stuck, with stagnating sales and unsuccessful marketing strategies. They begin to question how to push sales and continue to grow:

  • How can we increase sales without increasing our online advertising budget?

  • How can we optimize the online user experience so that it matches the experience consumers have in our brick-and-mortar stores? 

  • How can we make our site more user-friendly in order to increase sales?

Through branding, marketing and communications strategies, new operating processes, content updates and the application of new digital trends, we develop and  implement the necessary action plan so that your e-commerce continues to grow.


design & development

Developing a successful e-commerce site implies taking a series of sometimes complicated, diverse, multidisciplinary decisions; from what platform and technology to use, to payment methods, logistics, customer service, product photography, marketing and content, amongst many others. We are there to help your throughout the process.


online marketing

Nothing is more frustrating than having an impressive website, but one that receives no visitors. Through online advertising campaigns, SEO optimization and digital communication strategies, we implement online marketing actions to increase your sales and position your brand, ensuring that your site receives the attention it deserves.

  • Social Media advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Pay per Click Campagins (PPC)

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

social media management

Brands often underestimate the power of social media marketing and its benefits in building your brand. We analyze the current state of the business and develop a personalized social media strategy. We create, publish and manage all the social media channels related to your business, creating interactive communities that empower and grow your business. 

content creation

The best brands maintain an aesthetic consistency throughout their images, staying true to their core essence. From content for social media to campaign images and product photography, we create the content that your brand needs to stand out in the market. We one-of-a kind content for your brand, applicable for online formats such as your website / e-commerce and social networks, as well as offline for promotional material.


We'll discuss your goals, experience and the current state of your online business.

In order to achieve the desired results and have satisfied customers, we encourage brands to begin with a diagnosis so that we can determine the improvement opportunities and develop the necessary action plan. 

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